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Can pressure washing damage vinyl siding?

Yes!! If you have old siding that has been in the elements for 10-15+ years and also new ones, using high amounts of pressure will damage your house. When used correctly whatever your cleaning comes out amazing. (This also applies for just about every surface when its comes to cleaning with high pressure. )

Why pressure wash a house?

Over time your house will grow some green and black filth on its surface, depending if you just like your house clean and well kept. Now with that being said  let’s say you live in an HOA that has rules and regulations most of them require for your house to stay clean, yards well kept, ect.. 

Why pressure wash a deck?

Just like your house depending on who you are, you enjoy your house being well kept and clean. Sometimes you live in an HOA where it is required to keep your house clean. A deck can be a little different, most of the time you can restore your deck back almost the original grain of wood. So not only is your deck no longer black and green but it’s looking just almost new, getting that bright finish at the end.

Will pressure washing with bleach kill plants?

Yes if you do not pretreat your plants before, during, and after your washing process there is a possibility that bleach can kill your plant life.

Will pressure washing remove paint?

Yes high amounts of pressure can remove paint if used correctly it will not. If your house is 10-15 years + over time paint just comes off everything wears over time. Even with little to know pressure sometimes  paint can come off of your house, fence, ect

Will pressure washing remove oil stains?

For the most part pressure can almost remove oil stains and definitely lighten the stain. How to really clean a stain would be to use a special commercial grade degreaser.

Will pressure washing remove mold?

It can remove it but it will not kill it.

Will pressure washing remove rust?

Using high pressure will indeed lighten the stain but will not always fully remove it. Removing a rust stain requires a commercial grade chemical to really eat at the stain and pull it from whatever it’s stuck in.

Pressure washing vs soft washing

That big difference between soft wash and pressure wash is one uses a lot more pressure then the other. When you soft wash you are using little to no pressure but you are cleaning using a cleaner. Your cleaner can be anywhere from your Walmart dish soap and bleach all the way up to your commercial grade cleaners. Pressure washing will indeed do the same job but you are using pressure to remove the dirt not actually kill the organic growth on the surface of your cleaning. Can you use soap to clean with a pressure washer? Yes you can! Just add your soap and you’re ready to go.